I published my first package to the NPM registry this week. I was expecting it to be really difficult but it was surprisingly simple.

As I was working on the first open source project for my company, I wanted it to look cool and to mimic the style I’d seen…

I joined the Labour Campaign for Mental Health team in October 2017, and quickly became invested in designing a new brand that would improve our recognition and reflect the professionalism of our campaign.

The Labour Campaign for Mental Health — time for a rebrand.

After joining the Labour Campaign for Mental Health I spoke to our Director, Joseph Croft, about my desire to help with the campaign’s graphic design. I work in Marketing, and I care passionately about mental health, so designing a brand for a mental health campaign is essentially my dream gig…

Source: nytimes.com.

Earlier this week I published four examples of great political design, from the iconic Obama “Hope” poster to the infamous Vote Leave bus (coach).

I was immediately reminded of two things — firstly, that not all political design is good; secondly, by my friend James, that good design doesn’t always…

Source: westernsussexhospitals.nhs.uk

Today is the 70th anniversary of the creation of the National Health Service. One of the defining moments in British political history, the creation of a public health service is undoubtedly one of the Labour Party’s greatest achievements — it’s even described as such on their website.

I’ll leave the…

Some are obvious. Some are controversial. All are good design.

This weekend I visited the Design Museum’s Hope to Nope exhibition.

Chronicling ten years of political design, Hope to Nope aims to show how political engagement, and the means by which we engage, has changed dramatically since the heady days of Barack Obama’s ridiculously popular MySpace page.

The exhibition, on…

On Wednesday, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won an historic victory for the Left in America, and overseas movements can learn a lot from her campaign.

I’m inspired.

On Wednesday, the Democrats elected Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to be their candidate for Congress in the New York district of Queens and the Bronx. A former hospitality worker and member of the Democratic Socialists of America, the 28 year-old ran on a platform that wouldn’t sound out of place…

Hear me out.

Source: City AM

While pretty universally derided as a BAD THING in the world of design, Comic Sans — yes, that parody of a font — is actually amazing.

It has been given a hard time by designers, banned by a model parliament, and become something of a nerd’s go-to April Fool’s joke.

James Calmus

Software developer. Graphic Designer.

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